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Ultimate Pain Relief Pack


was £447


The PainPod Ultimate Pain Relief Pack is the perfect package to rid you of unwanted pain while assisting with recovery and physical therapy.

This exclusive pack includes:

  • A PainPod Mi
  • A PainPod 3 Physical Therapy Device
  • A PainPod Bio Shoes

+ Plus also receive a £30 accessory voucher for future use.

PainPod Mi: Drug-Free Instant Pain Relief In A Discrete And Ultra-Wearable Device

Medically research and expertly engineered, your PainPod Mi is a discrete, ultra-wearable device that uniquely combines two clinically proven technologies to give effective, natural, drug-free relief from many types of pain, at the same time as treating and promoting healing at the source of your pain.

Biologically body-friendly and with a sleek design, your PainPod Mi can be used on almost any area of the body, lower back, arms, legs, stomach, feet or shoulders.


PainPod 3: The Latest Generation In A Long Line Of Industry Leading Medical Devices.

With PainPod treatment technology helping millions worldwide  The PainPod is the world’s most trusted and effective personal physical therapy medical device.  

Now the PainPod 3 combines the very best of previous PainPod devices with the latest scientific breakthroughs in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science, to give you a complete Pain, Recovery and Performance solution in the palm of your hand.


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The PainPod Bio Shoes are the ultimate accessory for relieving tired, sore feet.

Use your Bio Shoes in the morning to boost circulation before you get moving, or after a long day to help your muscles recover and give you a fresh start in the morning. PainPod’s special massage slippers harness the power of reflexology to relieve pain, enhance circulation and reduce stress levels.