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PainPod unveils the Mi, the most innovative PainPod ever.

by Ben Wood

PainPod® BioEngineers have developed a unique new generation, ultra wearable device that works in natural harmony with the body’s biosystem, not only to manage and moderate pain, but to help recovery from injury or disease.

PainPod unveils the Mi, the most innovative PainPod ever.

PainPod Mi is the perfect companion for your PainPod 3 as a complementary treatment or as a stand alone ultrawearable option.

The breakthrough PainPod Mi gives customers an unprecedented way of managing pain and promoting healing at the same time, It’s packed with unique innovations that improve the ways biotechnology is used for everyday health benefits.

Easy to understand, empowering and evidence based, the new Mi combines two clinically proven technologies to give effective, natural relief from almost all pain types while promoting healing at the pain source.

Enhancing and harnessing the most up to date evidence and medical research, the technologies are scientifically developed and have no side effects. Simple to use, biologically body friendly and with a beautiful sleek design,  PainPod Mi can be used on almost any area of the body.

Mi features breakthrough MiCycle technology, rapidly emerging as one of the the most exciting healing and pain relief biotechnologies in the world, it mimics the human body’s natural micro-current, treating the source of pain by gently and imperceptibly promoting healing, reducing inflammation and assisting injured tissues.

Mi draws on the proven power of PainPod 3 with Bi Stim, a preset series of blended, low intensity formulations for pain relief and neuromuscular stimulation. This means that at the same time as precisely blocking pain messages to the brain, gentle bio-pulses pass through the body, boosting blood-flow and improving circulation, helping the body’s natural healing process.

PainPod reinvented portable physical therapy with PainPod 3 and now Painpod Mi will not only complement your PainPod 3 treatment it will reinvent how we use the power of our own natural bioelectricity throughout our lives, Whether you are an an elite sportsman, a fitness enthusiast recovering from injury, one of the 2 in 5 with aches, pain and discomfort every day or a parent wanting the power and control of a better choices for you and your family, Mi lets you simply and safely set up, manage and control your pain and recovery all in one discrete, ultra-wearable device

PainPod revolutionised personal physical therapy with the introduction of the PainPod 3 in 2016.

Today, PainPod is again leading the field in innovation with the Mi. PainPod’s proprietary PTP frequency formulations, MiCycle OS and BiStim OS provide seamless experiences across all PainPod devices and empower people with easy to understand, evidence based breakthrough biotechnologies that improve their quality of life

PainPod employees in around the globe are dedicated to making the best electro biotechnology products on the planet. On a mission to ease world pain, we are committed to sharing the benefits of drug free, bio-friendly healing and pain relief as widely as we can.

PainPod’s vision is to put the knowledge and power of advanced biotechnologies firmly in people's own hands, giving them more control over their own lives and increasing choice about effective alternatives to medication and drugs.


So how can PainPod MiCycle technology help healing and recovery?

Every tissue type in the body has its own electrical frequency, a naturally occurring micro current which can be disrupted by injury or disease. The microcurrent therapy engineered in the PainPod MiCycle mimics the human body’s micro current to help effect healing.

At a current of one-millionth of an ampere, it’s frequency formulations have been evidenced to restore normal frequencies at a cellular level, resulting in improvements in pain, inflammation and increased function.

How does PainPod BiStim technology alleviate pain and help circulation?

The therapy engineered in the PainPod Mi is based on the proven PainPod 3 Software and incorporates preset, low intensity blended frequency formulations to give pain relief and effect gentle neuromuscular stimulation.

Using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), combined with proprietary frequency treatments and up to the minute advances in science waveform, Mi interferes with the neural transmission of signals from underlying pain receptors, effectively blocking the signals to the brain.

At the same time neuromuscular stimulation helps increase circulation and stimulates muscular contraction, resulting in the production and release of Myokines.

Mi Fact. Myokines are peptides and proteins that have been shown to participate in the maintenance of healthy bodily functioning and tissue regeneration and repair.